There is going to be a party in Versailles this summer.
Here, parties are a political form to question our world.
You can be part of it by making it.

Under the aegis of a world-class personality you will have the responsibility to conduct the operations of creating 1 aspect of the party during a one-week studio.

10 studios leaded by 10 exterior personalities will create 10 aspects of the final party. Choose yours.

10 other local personnalities, the Masters of our House from the group we call «L’École de Versailles» -the sum of astonishing individuals that reinvent contemporary actions acknowledging their common heritage ranging from electronic music to landscape- will contribute to expose, celebrate, extend, challenge and debate with you the visions borned here.

Among the unique places that will open their gates to you ; multi-secular palaces, gardens, halls, libraries, stables, and more to be discovered…

If you dare, we will have -with 300 individuals- to leave a memorable moment.

Whole Versailles Estate, France.
Main Location : Potager du Roi,
École Nationale Supérieure de Paysage.
Towards Versailles Château
(RER ; 15 min. from Paris center)


5 days + 1 Party (4-9 July 2022)
during the Île-de-France Architecture & Landscape Biennial (1 May-31 July 2022)

The éé summer school is open to everyone, internationally, regardless of anything (no need to be a student to go to a party).

The learning and main communication language will be English, the use of French will be encouraged when possible for obvious immersive questions. Translation will always be available in both languages.

éé ?
école d’été ; an immersion into what the “École de Versailles” is during a one-week Summer School. Registered participants will learn from international figures from diverse disciplines by preparing a party, closing and subject of the work held at the Potager du Roi, École Nationale Supérieure de Paysage. They will assist numerous conferences and unique events.