Guillaume Ramillien , 
will be in charge of the visit of the Biennale of Architecture of Ile de France,
“Visible, Invisible”.
with Nicolas Dorval-Bory,
the 05 of July, 2.00 pm,
at the Small Stables of the King 

Guillaume Ramillien is a French architect. His stylistic approach in summoning raw materials makes us aware of new forms of personal expression. Using the hand throughout all the process of building, his camp projects are easily identifiable by their tone and the attention they provide to care in tis greater sense. He is co-curator of the exhibition Visible-Invisible hosted by Versailles. As such, he will offer us a guided tour of the whole showcase. Inviting more than 40 architects, the exhibition is an open reflection questioning the new terroirs of architecture through material and energy.

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