Béatrix Saule, 
will be in charge of the debate [MAKING HISTORY (OF VERSAILLES) THROUGH FORMS.]
the 05 of July, 9.00 am,
at soon to be revealed

Béatrix Saule is a French art historian and curator. At the head of the Public Establishment of the Palace, Museum and National Estate of Versailles for almost a decade, to which she devoted her career, she has witnessed the great moments of modern history. Creator of the Research Center of The Palace of Versailles, Beatrix Saule promoted the study of places and expressions of power as they were and still are represented at Versailles and in the Europeans courts. With her work and experience with politics of the XXIst century, she renewed with an aesthetic approach research in history of politics at an international scale. She is a specialist of Versailles Parties; the one she lived but in particular, the one she doesn’t. During an absolutely unique promenade through time, in the Palace of Versailles, you will re-live the biggest Parties over more than three centuries; guided by her.

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