Nature Morte or Still-life tableware.

We are a reflection of what we eat. Food represents its society. What do we want to eat is like asking who do we want to be? How to present food in a society where its place is central, opulent and its production methods decried, how to celebrate food when a third of humanity is subject to chronic hunger? What does tasting means today? The pleasure of the eyes is perhaps more important than that of the mouth. Buffets are a Versaillaise tradition, where the presentation of food, especially during festive times, is a mark of power, creativity, an art in its own right, which founded pastry-making...

The presentations of the dishes become objects (pyramids, fountains, animals, decanters, etc. a whole vocabulary is invented around them), specific services, installations, even architectures. Protocols are established for serving them, to regulate the order of their tasting, for the richness of their decoration; a whole society is contained in the arts of the table, which are the basis of an art of living. Wondering how to present a meal, it is to ask: how do we want to live?

The students will prepare the objects intended to present and enjoy the food and drinks of the party and will develop etiquette, menus, a true literary genre representative of all of these questions.

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