Clothing is our first relation to the world. The first scale of the intellect. The costume implies a message, it is exceptional because it questions the order and the established rules. It is a universal means of declamation and the reflection of the thoughts of who wears it. It implies an attitude. It is now a question of responsibility. It is space. But it is also time.

Versailles has been the driving force behind sartorial revolutions for more than three centuries and continues to play a predominant role in fashion today. But more than anything Versailles has been the runway of clashes.

From embassies imports to etiquette, freedom was only accessible not by rank but when mastering the rule : playing with the past and referencing the future. We talk -here and now- about those free people. The same that brought neutrality in the thinking of time and of genre.

Simply think of November 28, 1973. The Battle of Versailles. American designers won the haute couture by being more intemporal than the french classics thanks to the authenticity of their innovation, thanks to looking with the same strenght at the past and at the future.

Simply think about the portrait of Marie-Antoinette painted by Élisabeth Vigeée Le Brun. The official portrait of the sovereign wearing only a « robe de gaulle » was an act of freedom allowed by a perfect understanding of classical rules and time relations and resulted in the one of freeing the monarchy.

Simply think about the clever appropriation from Monsieur of the woman’s wardrobe ...

How to dress?

The participantss will answer this question by demonstrating the power of this attitude creating their own costume and accessories for this unique evening : the challenge is to be intemporal to go down in history. The runway will be theirs. 

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